Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations for Mental Health

At the Healthy Mind Foundation, we provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluations for those struggling with mental health concerns.

Mental Health Assessment

A psychiatric evaluation includes a thorough mental health assessment to assess a person’s current state of mind and emotional stability.

This involves gathering information about:

  • Their medical history.
  • Any past mental health issues.
  • Family history of mental illness.
  • Current symptoms.

In addition, our team might conduct psychological tests to assess the person’s cognitive functioning and identify underlying psychological issues.

Importance of Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric evaluations play an important role in mental health treatment as they provide a complete picture of a person’s mental health.
Not only do they help pinpoint underlying issues that could be causing distress, but they also help in creating effective treatment plans.
Moreover, regular evaluations allow for the monitoring of progress and adjusting of treatment plans if necessary.

Destigmatizing Mental Health

We work to destigmatize mental health through openness and acceptance. We feel that everyone deserves access to quality mental healthcare without being shamed or discriminated against.
We conduct psychiatric evaluations in a confidential environment so people can open up without feeling self-conscious.
If you’re looking for a thorough psychiatric diagnostic evaluation to get a better grasp of your mental health, please book a consultation with us at Healthy Mind Foundation.

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