What To Do When Someone with Bipolar Pushes You Away

What To Do When Someone with Bipolar Pushes You Away?

Caring for someone with bipolar disease may be extremely difficult as you try to assist them during their mood swings. It’s acceptable to feel upset when your efforts don’t produce results because the disorder generates variations beyond one’s control.

Similarly, Bipolar disorder causes essential highs and lows, which influence how your loved one behaves.
Well, if they are pushing you away, it is crucial to recognize that maybe this happened due to their illness, not your actions.

Likewise, we’ll discuss here what to do when someone with bipolar pushes you away. Your help and understanding have a greater impact than you realize.

Healthy Mind understands how important care plays in the lives of persons with bipolar illness.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental health disease that causes major changes in mood, energy levels, and capacity to execute everyday tasks.

People with bipolar disorder have highs when they feel energized, enthusiastic, and productive. They also have lows when they feel depressed, hopeless, and lethargic. These mood fluctuations are typically more dramatic than usual ups and downs.

Nowadays, the term “bipolar ghosting” is used, which means intense emotional and stressed behavior.

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Recognize the Signs of Pushing Away

The key signs when a person with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder ignores you are included:

  • Withdrawing from social contact and isolating themselves more.
  • Being short, dismissive, or cold in interactions.
  • Limiting deep discussions about what they’re feeling or going through emotionally and mentally.
  • Seeming more irritable, impatient, or annoyed with questions about their well-being or decisions.
  • Actively avoiding talking about their treatment plan, medications, therapy, etc.
  • Making excuses to get out of commitments, activities, or plans you had arranged together during periods of low mood.
  • Bipolar ghosting duration can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of low mood and other stressors present in their life.
  • Very severe depressive episodes could lead to ghosting for over a month as the person may not have the energy to do much of anything.

Immediate Strategies: What to do when someone with Bipolar pushes you away

People with bipolar disorder may push away friends when they are depressed or tired. This happens when their mood becomes depressed. They may do that when they are joyful or merely natural.

It isn’t easy when they don’t want to be with you. However, this is not due to anything you did wrong. When individuals are not feeling well, they behave in certain ways for various reasons.

At that moment, you wondered why my bipolar partner was pushing me away and why it happened so. No need to worry! We’ll mention all the reasons and ways to cope with such a situation.

Instant Approaches

Bipolar refers to extreme emotional swings. When they are upset or sad, they may believe you cannot assist them or that they trouble others. Even if they are pleased or doing well, they are concerned that something may happen. We’ll discuss what to do when a bipolar partner ignores you.

These include a few points;

1.Show Support and Respect That You Are with Them to Help

What to do when someone with bipolar pushes you away. Let’s find out here!

When someone is pushing you away because of their bipolar and flirting issues, you should express your support and respect for their circumstance in a polite, non-invasive manner. Let them know you care about their well-being and are there to assist in any way you can while also respecting their need for space.

Furthermore, check in sometimes via text to let them know you’re accessible without putting them under any strain, and avoid making expectations on them. Reassuring remarks will demonstrate that you recognize this is not a personal matter. Instead of extensive encounters, provide low-key, supportive acts and respect whatever limits they indicate about how they need help right now.

When they are ready for company again, reassure them that you are available to listen without passing judgment.

2.Respect Their Boundaries

It’s important not to push too hard when they want space. Ask how you can help instead of guessing. Listen if they say no talking now or need to be alone. Give them choices even if you don’t get it. Let them say how much time with friends or calls.

Equally, you may offer small help like food instead of being with them lots of feeling bad. Don’t feel bad if they say no to plans. It’s not about you; their moods just change.
Be nice and care about how they feel without making big asks. Give them what they ask for space-wise when feeling down.

3.Ask Them to Seek Professional Help

Did you think about talking to a doctor or someone who knows about bipolar feelings? They might help you feel better or give ideas to make the feelings not so big. They help people, not get mad at them. You don’t need to deal with it all by yourself.

Will you think about whether tough love works with bipolar? Certainly, it will be so hard to deal with the person. However, extreme care and support will make you feel better.

The main points to consider are:

  • Your friend cares about their well-being
  • Dealing with mood issues alone is hard
  • Doctors can help make feelings smaller or feel happier

4.Avoid Giving Much Advice and Listen to Them

What to do when someone with bipolar pushes you away? When they are drifting away, it is best to simply listen and refrain from offering many suggestions.
Let them do most of the talking at their own pace. Instead of simply giving responses, ask questions to assist them in understanding why they are feeling awful.

Repeat what you hear so they know you understand; do not try to change anything. If you share your tale, don’t make it all about yourself. Don’t tell them what to do until they ask.
Be there to listen without judging.

5.Never Try to Correct Them Just Listen to Them

You should respect their boundaries and give them space without reacting negatively to someone who pushes you away with bipolar disorder infidelity.
You might inquire how you can help without expecting anything in return and pay close attention if they express their emotions without becoming upset.

Furthermore, rather than attempting to solve the problem, try to understand why individuals feel the way they do.
Be patient because pushing away might be part of their illness. Even if their emotions change, continue to care for them and remind them that you are still their friend.

Does Tough Love Work with Bipolar?

Tough love generally does not work well for someone struggling with bipolar disorder.

Here are a few key points:

  • Bipolar is a serious mental illness caused by biological/chemical changes in the brain. It cannot be controlled through willpower alone.
  • During mood episodes like mania or depression, thinking, and judgment can be severely impaired. The person may not be thinking rationally.
  • Attempting to force or shame someone into compliance is likely to increase stress, anxiety, and potential conflict. High stress can worsen bipolar symptoms.
  • A caring, supportive environment has shown better outcomes than confrontation or discipline approaches. The condition requires comprehensive treatment.

Final Thoughts

What to do when someone with bipolar pushes you away? It all depends upon your capability and efforts to take your partner out of it. The more intense the situation is, the more effort you need to deal with such sort of person who has bipolar disorder.

The most vital thing that you need to do at that moment is to show the utmost effort and support to that person coping with bipolar disorder.
Lastly, seeking professional help is important; it is all up to you to prepare such a person to go to the doctor and get guidance.

You may reach out to Healthy Mind for better treatment and a healthier life ahead!


What should you not say to someone with bipolar?

Don’t tell them just to cheer up or snap out of it, as their moods are out of their control. Also, avoid saying things will get better soon since the timeline is unpredictable with bipolar disorder.

How does a person with bipolar think in relationships?

In relationships, someone with bipolar may experience intense highs and lows that impact how they feel about their partner, struggling at times to maintain stability and consistency in their thinking and emotions.

Do bipolar partners come back?

Partners with bipolar disorder may disconnect during difficult periods, but with compassionate support and treatment, they can stabilize and reconnect. Stay hopeful but respect their process.

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